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About Me


I am a first generation college student. In fact, my family hasn't had a college graduate for over three generations on either side. I am a father and husband as well. I am majoring in economics and geography at the same time. I enjoy learning and have since I was a small child. I love economics/econometrics and am fascinated by geospatial relationships.

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  • My priorities


    1: Accomplish Double Major in Economics and Geography - with additional classes in Statistics

    2: Get accepted to an Economics PhD program

    3: Complete PhD program and enter workforce.

    My Vision:

    I will study one of my interests in a PhD Program. My main interest is studying and figuring out the connections between econometrics/microeconomics and spatial statistics/analysis. Along with this, I am interested in environmental/natural resource/water economics, business applications of spatial economics, public economics. I will further integrate econometrics and spatial statistics in one of these areas.


    My Work

    Examples of Maps I've Made:

    This is work I have done in school in my many GIS and Cartography classes.

    The first is a map of New Mexico wildfires that were very large compared to population centers over 10k. The second is a map of produce in stores in different areas of Bernalillo county. The third is an online based heatmap of crimes - no ArcGIS used. I produced all of these with data from places like NM RGIS and other sources.

    The Best Part is HERE!

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